Indie SpotLite 5/22/15

IMG_8834Singer/songwriter Dahlak Matteos is a breath of fresh air. To know her is to love her, as her positive spirit can not be denied. Throughout her life, music has been a source of comfort and strength. “Music means power,” shares Dahlak. “I want my music to move you; to transform your mood in any situation because everyday is a gift.” Music has kept Dahlak positive even in the most adverse situations that have come her way. After surviving a near fatal car accident, becoming a mother, and trying to find her self, fate took her on a journey that led her to this moment.

It all began for Dahlak Matteos as a very young child. She and her father could be found singing church songs in their native language Tigrinya. In addition, her mother and five siblings each listened to different kinds of music. “I wanted to sing every style I heard!” says Dahlak.

IMG_8833Fast-forward to today; Dahlak Matteos is living an absolute dream. With the anticipation of releasing her E.P VIBRATO executive produced by MellotheProducer, You can expect up-tempo and ballads inspired by R&B/Pop and Adult contemporary genres; it also features some elements of Reggae and African influence in which attribute her heritage. Dahlak’s airy but strong vocal style and inimitable phrasings dominate the songs. VIBRATO contains songs that speak of strength, vulnerability and honesty displaying beauty of self-love. Her melodies and instrumentation came from her universality, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” to “ALL MINE” speak truth in every young girl transitioning into a Queen.

Her perseverance in the music industry has begun to pay off. Dahlak Matteos has been given the gift of exposure and she’s finally ready to share her story.

IMG_8835“In my journey to find my sound I went through every style mixed up and it started to create a vibration,” she explains. “Not only through my natural sound but also in spirit. VIBRATO is different levels of sound collection just like love. It has its highs and lows but when its unified it’s beautiful, radiant. I’m just taping into this energy force vibrating within me, like my higher self. A force that my higher force is tapping into. Elevation. Taking me into a place I knew was real but I could never imagine this magnitude of satisfaction. Faith, love, hope then prophecy. He is opening doors, angels are responding and it’s only the beginning.”


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