Tuesday’s Best 6/10/15

Giorgio-MorodeEach decade is known for particular genres of music. The ’00s were filled with great hiphop and country hits. The ’90s was more of a time for pop hits and the birth decade of grunge rock. ’80s music is just that; ’80s music. But when ur talking about the 70’s, Disco was money in the music industry. Now, all the way in 2015, a man refered to as the founder and Father of Disco, Giorgio Moroder, is releasing a brand new studio album entitled DÉJÀ VU.

130522-Moroder-Summer-1976No one had more disco smashes than Donna Summer all throughout the entire decade. And, surprising enough, all of those classic songs were created and produced by Giorgio Moroder; including “On the Radio”, “Bad Girls”, “Love To Love You Baby”, “Last Dance”, “I Feel Love”, and the classic “Hot Stuff”. Later on, he created and ran a studio in Munich called MusicLand Studios where classic hits were made by world renowned bands of the time like Queen and Zeppelin and worked out tunes for celebrities like Elton John and David Bowie. In the ’80s, he offered his genius to created songs like “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin and “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins. He later became a pioneer in ushering in the synth era and electronic dance music now refered to as simply EDM; which brings us full circle to 2015.

He has already worked with such electro pop acts like Daft Punk and helped Kelis while she made her transition from RnB to electronic driven Pop. With his new album DÉJÀ VU, he has already killed the charts with a power pop track “Right Here Rigt Now” teaming up with international pop princess Kylie Minogue. Along with Minogue, DÉJÀ VU will feature songs with Sia, Britney, Foxes, and CharlieXCX.

imagegenI picked this for my Tuesdays best because nothing is more respectable to see someone with such credentials still thriving in the industry. It gives you hope, u know? It releases in the US on June 16th. Be on the lookout for Giorgio’s new album DÉJÀ VU.

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