Indie SpotLite 5/28/15

MG_5450OIn early 2012, I was contacted by an English guy named Robert Michael Kay. He had just finished a song by the name of “Someone I Can Be Alone With“. He asked me for feedback and I gave it to him. But that, by far would not be the end of our professional music relationship. I began to fall in love w/ his track list as I listened to his other songs. And I am fortunate to share mister PHOENIX IMAGO with all of you right now.

P1270558BbIndividuality is a rare attribute to place on most mainstream musicians these days but that is one of the words that stands out when I think of Phoenix Imago. Along with being a vocalist, he is also a skilled composer; creating the entire blocking for his music including, but not limited to, piano, guitar, drums and harmonica to name a few. I can also say, he is one of, if not the most skilled songwriter I have had the pleasure of affiliating myself with. The expressive nature that he pours into his songwriting is reminiscent of poetry from the transcendentalist period. It invokes images and takes u to the place that he musically describes which is a rare ability.

MG_5416OOOHe did a demo a while back called “Last Human” which is my favorite and I listen to it frequently. It described the relationship between people and the earth. I was very moved. Then he released his debut album RESPECT in 2013 and, upon hearing it, I knew and still believe that one day he will be heralded as one of the best musicians of all time. His song “Someone I Can Be Alone With” starts it off followed by the melodic “Have I Told You Today” and the brilliantly mellow title track “Respect” CHECK IT OUT.

He has given me the opportunity to write one of his many websites THE FREE MUSICIAN, at which I spoke on the trials and triumphs of being a musician who must also hold down a nine-to-five. He and I share a lot of the same attributes of being an independent musician. We are currently in collaboration for a song we is writing for me to vocally execute and I hope I can do it justice. He get so much of my RESPECT and I hope his music brings you as much enjoyment as it has done for me. THX PHOENIX IMAGO, we need more musicians and people like you to make this world better.

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